Audi A6 2.7T

Ink & photos: Edsel Labao

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This month we are featuring an Audi A6 that has been given the wetworks treatment. The car was involved in a fender bender and wetworks was called upon to put this car back to its factory specs. But during the repair phase the owner decided to have wetworks do its magic. First off was to fabricate a custom front grille. Upon completion, wetworks was not about to make a hole where the original factory hood latch popped out, so wetworks decided to fabricate a new hood mechanism that allows the hood to be opened from the side of the hood after popping it from inside of course.

Next was the installation of the custom lltek exhaust. The rear bumper was removed so it can be notched and color matched. The result is a look almost like the rear of the S6, a supercar exclusive only to europe (soon to hit NA).

Next was the interior, the stock wood grain trim was too boring for this lean mean machine, so wetworks removed all the factory wood trim the repainted them with the same silver as the exterior paint. The result is a stunning and sporty look but it still retains the interior aura that this $50,000 vehicle projected when it came out of the factory.

Now to the engine compartment,  Every trim and every cover was painted, nothing was spared. The specially formulated paint that wetworks uses created a look that will make every onlooker's jaw drop to the ground when they see this work of art.

Finally, smoked taillights and modified clear headlights capped off this project for now, because we are sure, that the owner of this car will never be happy until his ride becomes the baddest A6 in the US. Currently the car is getting new wheels, new stereo setup etc. Stay tuned, we might have to re-feature this car again in the future.



Wetworks custom paint engine covers

LLTEK cold air intake kit 



Zender A6 rear spoiler

Wetworks custom smoked tail lights

Wetworks Custom front grille



Wetworks custom interior painting

Interior floor mats made in Japan



Eibach pro kit springs



IWC - Italian wheel company  18x8.5 "QuickSilver"

NITTO 555   235x40x18 tires



Pioneer Fully Motorized 7 inch LCD screen

Pioneer sound processor

Dual MA audio 5.6 inch LCD screens (headrest)

2 Kicker  12-inch squared Solobaric subwoofers with  "the teeth" grill covers

Precision Power 2600.2 - 2 channel power amp

Precision power  1 farad digital-capacitor

Scosche wirings

Custom sub woofer box with blue neon lights

Custom amp rack with blue neon lights