6 Point Strut Bar

We are proud to introduce our new 6 point stress bar for the VW Passat (98-up) and the Audi A4. It bolts to ALL the bolts of the strut tower. It was designed to minimize torsional stress on the strut towers during hard cornering thus giving the car a more tight and solid feel. 



4 Point Strut Bar

Due to the overwhelming request we received  for a direct bolt on strut bar, Wet works is releasing a 4 point version of its very popular 6 point bar.  This bar is installed without notching the firewall which is a necessity for the 6 point bar. 


Both bars come standard with glossy red powder coating. custom colors are also available for a Minimal additional fee. Please contact us for more info.


Product can be purchased online but we suggest you email or call us for shipping rates.